Meet Taku

Taku Kumabe is a freelance photographer and print designer based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Taku's photography revolves around capturing the essence of the moment. He strives to capture and produce images that evoke a feeling of being in that moment, bring viewers in to the photo themselves.

Freelancing as an event and festival photographer under the moniker The Festographer, he captures and documents large-scale festivals and events of all kinds throughout the city.

In his spare time, he enjoys the outdoors and is often seen seeking adventures outside of the city.

His personal site and blog is:

The Toronto Sunrise Series

The Toronto Sunrise Series is Taku's ongoing personal photography project. The project attempts to capture the breathtaking beauty of the sunrise over Lake Ontario, documenting mornings since 2014.

>> View The Toronto Sunrise Series <<


Taku has also collaborated and photographed for a number of companies, some of which are listed below.

Bell Canada

Visa Canada

Mazda Canada

Grain Farmers of Ontario

Huawei Canada

LG Canada

Instagram Canada

CBC Radio


The North Face

Langdon Hall


Pilot Coffee Roasters

Social Print Studio

Thompson Toronto

Shangri-la Toronto



My Cinema Lightbox



Luminato Festival

Connect With Taku

If you would like to work with Taku, please feel free to connect with him through the contact button below. Taku is enthusiastic about working with brands and will respond promptly.


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